Japanese Exports Threatened By Radiation?


With Japan being the third largest economy in the world, many wonder what will happen to it’s many exports with the fears about radioactive contamination growing. Here is how one well known Japanese company plans to handle the situation:

“Nissan has started scanning vehicles made in Japan for traces of radioactive material, a company official said Friday.

“Looking ahead, we will continue to implement all appropriate measures to reassure the public that all products from our company remain within globally accepted safety standards and until we are confident that any risk of contamination is completely removed,” said Simon Sproule, corporate vice president of marketing for Nissan Motor Company.

Sproule said the monitoring began this week.

Sources inside the company said there is virtually no risk of contamination from a car and no potential health risk to customers, but testing began because of public concern.

Production at several Nissan facilities remains suspended after a 9.0-magnitude earthquake damaged plants and equipment on March 11, the company said in a statement Thursday.”

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  • Im waiting for some roof racks for a used toyota I bought recently. Ive been told ill have to wait until they arrive from Japan. Now I want to cancel the order. I have been unable to find the manufacturing plant for these racks as well ive come to find that cars are being tested but what about after market equipment? Im ready to cancel my order. The only other conclusion ive come to is driving down to the local nuclear reactor and see if my car sets off the detectors there. Any advice on this would be welcome.

    Posted by: mike (March 18, 2011)

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