Sugar vs. Cocaine. And The Winner Is…

Posted by: Beena Q (November 5, 2011)

We’ve always heard that sugar is the devil. It promotes nothing but empty calories, lacks nutrition and adds pounds in all the wrong places. But that’s not even the worst part… studies show that refined sugar is actually MORE addictive than cocaine!  

In a recent study rats were given a choice between sugar water and cocaine, and 94% of them chose sugar. Even the rats that had previously been addicted to cocaine switched to the sugar once it was a choice.

Not only is sugar addicting. It also kills your body slowly. Slow death in the sweetest form.

Dr. Kota J. Reddy, with the Reddy Wellness Center says, “When you eat sugar your blood sugar level goes up. What happens to the sugar in the blood? It gets converted to fat with the help of insulin and gets stored in your abdomen. Once it gets into the abdomen, it stays there.”

Dr. Reddy’s book, “Eat This Lose That!” explains in detail the long term effects from eating sugars and starch. An easy to understand guide on how the body works, how the foods we eat affect us, what foods we should and should not eat to help reverse Diabetes and Heart Disease and how get your weight under control.

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