Eat To Lose, Never Starve To Lose!

Posted by: Beena Q (November 6, 2011)

It seems as if the world around us is becoming a little more health savvy, doesn’t it?

Americans are becoming more health conscious than before.  As they should be! Over two-thirds of adults in the United States are overweight or obese, and over one-third are obese, according to data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) 2003–2006 and 2007–2008.

So how does the title make sense? How in the world is eating more going to help you lose weight? The answer is simple. Cut the sugar and starch out of your life. We are so caught up with counting calories that we often forget it’s not how much you eat, it’s what you eat.

Watch this enlightening interview with the well known Cardiologist Dr. Kota J. Reddy;  see how he’s helped others lose weight, with the simple concept:  1) Eat as much food as you want, as long as sugar and starch are not present 2) Never starve yourself to lose your pounds.

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  • Wow…without Reddybread we might as well end up Dead. Cutting bread and sugar is impossible. Hope Reddy is ready for me.

    Posted by: keepingitreal4me (November 6, 2011)

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