Go Green! Get Lean!

Posted by: Beena Q (November 20, 2011)

Here’s a concept that’s easy and a 100% effective for losing fat. It’s simple and straight forward: “Lean & Green!” It’s such a simple notion, that people sometimes forget and get too caught up with fad diets and trendy shakes.

What Lean and Green means is that dinner is comprised of lean meats, vegetables (they don???t all have to be green), and healthy fats. Grains, processed carbs, and beans (starchy carbs in general) are not allowed. It???s basically how we as humans used to eat 10,000 years ago before the advent of agriculture. And yes, we were lean, mean, fighting machines back then.

Dr. Kota J. Reddy, Cardiologist and successful writer of his best selling book, Eat This Lose That!????tells us in detail how we can accomplish this lean and and green lifestyle.

Here are some examples of Lean and Green meals:

??? Big salad with vegetables (any vegetable that is low in starch, you can get creative), grilled chicken (or any lean meat of your choice), vinegar, olive oil and pepper for dressings.

??? Turkey with tomato and asparagus.

??? Top Sirloin steak (preferably grass fed, has 1/3 the saturated fat) with spinach.

These are simple dinner ideas you can fix for yourself, and once you start seeing your inches coming off, your appreciation for lean meats and greens will naturally increase!

Why is this Lean and Green Concept So Effective?

Dr. Reddy explains:??

1)??Less Carbs????? The vast majority of us eat WAY too many carbs in general, so our insulin levels are constantly elevated. Insulin is a storage hormone that whisks excess glucose out of our bloodstream into fat cells (assuming our glucose storage tanks ??? our muscles and liver ??? are full). Insulin is released when we eat carbohydrates, especially starchy, sugary, and processed carbohydrates. By limiting carbohydrate intake at night, we are in effect controlling the insulin our bodies release

2)??Veggies are ???free??? food????? Vegetables are the perfect food for fat loss because eating them is like ???free??? food. ??So it???s ??like you???re eating food that provides no calories. In fact, some vegetables like lettuce require your digestive system to burn more calories than the lettuce contains! This concept is known as negative calorie balance. To top it off, veggies contain ample amounts of fiber, which help you feel more satiated. Needless to say, if you are trying to lose fat, veggies should be an important part of your nutrition strategy.

3)??Less Calories????? The overall calories you consume in a day are usually less when you cut out starchy carbs at night. Most people have their largest (and unhealthiest) meal at dinner, right before going to bed. This is not a good idea because eating too much right before you go to sleep not only affects the quality of your sleep, but consistently leads to fat gain. If you go Lean and Green, then you are looking at 300-500 calories depending on how much healthy fat you have and how much meat you consume. That???s a solid range.

This type of strategy is also used by natural bodybuilders and fitness models, but it???s known as ???carbohydrate tapering???. The idea is that our bodies are best able to utilize carbohydrates for energy in the beginning of the day, so as the day wears on, less carbs should be consumed to allow for maximum fat burning.

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