Meat. As A Side Dish.

Posted by: Beena Q (December 11, 2011)

Make meat a side dish instead of the main attraction in a meal. Meat can be a great source of protein, but most of us eat more of it than we need. By making the portion smaller, we are then eating an amount that better meets the needs of out bodies and by eating less, sometimes we can afford better quality.

It takes some practice to get in the habit of it. It is easier to serve smaller portions of meat when ??yummy veggies fills up the extra space. By filling up the space with good, healthy foods that are typically enjoyed by your family, no one feels deprived. Instead of feeling bummed to get a smaller potion of meat, there is some excitement of getting a big serving of, for example, pineapple! That is how it can work, anyway.
Meat is the most complete source of protein. But to get the most of the health benefits of meat, you have to go “lean.” ??Dr. Kota J. Reddy, author of best selling book,??Eat This Lose That!??says, “Lean meats are packed with important nutrients like vitamin B, iron, magnesium, and zinc. And if you eat 70% Vegetables and 20% Lean meats you will promote good health and live a longer life.”
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