Could Your Girlfriend Be Making You Fatter?

Posted by: Beena Q (December 12, 2011)

Apparently, men don’t make friends with salad — at least not in the company of women.

The Journal of Applied Social Psychology has published research that shows that men eat bigger portions in the company of women compared to when they’re only around the boys. But women do the opposite.

While examining Indiana University of Pennsylvania students, researchers found that on average, women took in 833 calories when eating only with other women, but then ordered up only 721 as soon as a man was around.

As for men, they averaged 1,162 calories worth when in the company of women, but then averaged just 952 when it was just the guys.

Women perpetually worry about their weight and appearance, so it’s no surprise that they don’t want to look like they overindulge in front of the opposite sex.

As for men, perhaps they supersize it because they just want to come across as manlier?

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