Do You Eat To Live,Or Do You Live To Eat?

Posted by: Beena Q (February 25, 2012)

A breakfast business meeting. Sunday brunch with the kids. Lunch with a colleague. Dinner and dancing. A midnight snack. Eating has become a pastime and business facilitator, something to do for fun or discuss a deal over. It has become so ingrained in our lifestyles that our appointments and social gatherings are routinely scheduled around one such event. Eating now serves a social, even financial purpose. So much so that we have forgotten the reason why we engage in the activity to begin with: to live.

Gluttony is an actual disorder that affects certain parts of the brain that control feelings of hunger. It can also be related to low self-esteem, clinical depression, and other psychological problems. Therefore, it is mostly an emotionally controlled disorder, rather than a purely physical one.

We are Emotional Eaters Many of us are emotional eaters.  We sometimes eat to relieve stress and find comfort in eating certain foods.  The day job was very stressful and the cafeteria served some really calorie dense food.  People would go to lunch and take the edge off by eating a foot long chili cheese dog or go down the road and polish off a few big macs.

Lots and Lots of Food If you live in America, you know how easy food is to come by.  We are constantly being told to eat thanks to TV, radio and the internet. This seems to screw with our natural cravings.  It’s like we only become hungry because food is always in front of our face. So we only think we are hungry. We eat and then a few hours later are bombarded again with more advertisements of food. Time to go to Wendy’s! No wonder we are a bunch of fatties.

Lack of Balance This is probably the biggest factor in the obesity epidemic we are facing. The fact is most people are very sedentary. We wake up, go to work, sit for 8 hours and return home to sit some more until we hit the sack. Now this may sound a bit exaggerated but it’s not far from the truth for many. Most of the people living like this are very chunky too. Perhaps you can begin walking on your lunch break. If you don’t have time to do any extra activity, then the only way to manage your weight is by watching what you eat and keep it at your maintenance intake.

Eat To Live Eating purely out of necessity is often hard to do because some food tastes so good. Sometimes we eat a little too much or indulge a bit too often. Cardiologist, Dr. Kota J. Reddy, from the Reddy Wellness Center From the best selling book, Eat This Lose That! says in his book, “If you eat between meals because of any one of these items checked, you need to re-evaluate your eating habits: You eat because you’re hungry. It’s time to eat. You just want to eat. Everybody is eating. You have nothing better to do. You are exercising so it’s okay to eat. You need something to comfort you. You are simply bored. The food is free. It’s a habit for you to snack.”

You simply need energy to live. Do not get hung up on food being bad or goodclean or unclean. We need energy to live. Don’t live to eat, eat to live.


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