Tapioca Pearls/Bubble Tea May Cause Cancer!

Mar 28, 2004; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Tired of the latest fad coffees? Something new is hitting tea houses and coffeeshops across the country. It's bubble tea. This bizarre drink also goes by the names boba, pearl tea, milk tea, or bubble drink. It's part d
Posted by: Beena Q (September 11, 2012)

Sorry guys we have some terrible, horrific, dreadful news to ruin your evening. You know the delightful little chewy tapioca balls that transform regular old milk tea and coffee and slushies into that delightful treat named bubble tea ??? boba balls if you’re nasty?

Yeah well, those tapioca balls may actually be nastier than you. A new report out of Germany this week finds that those boba balls have been found to contain carcinogenic chemicals known as ???aspolychlorinated biphenyls??? (PCBs).

According to??Huffington Post, the report was made by the German researchers at the University Hospital Aachen, who tested tapioca balls from a German boba chain that uses tapioca balls manufactured in Taiwan. The results weren???t pretty:

“[What we found] includes in particular styrene, acetophenone, and brominated substances that shouldn’t be in food at all,” scientist Manfred M??ller, of the Institute of Hygiene and Environmental Medicine at the University Hospital Aachen, told German newspaper The Local, notes the AFP.

Yikes. While they had everyone’s attention, the researchers saw fit to note that the pearls also pose a choking hazard to kids.

Really? You don’t say!

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